• Protect your vehicle warranty and save 50% of main dealer prices
  • Free collection & delivery service available
  • Full service from £200 +VAT
  • Interim service from £100 +VAT
  • Full details of completed work provided. Old parts kept for inspection
  • Same day fixed price servicing

Harrow Servicing, Harrow Servicing Centre

You aren’t restricted to getting your car serviced at a dealer. At 3D Motors we offer Harrow Car Servicing at our own garage and you can save up to 50 % off your car service by coming to 3D Motors. In 2003, the European law known as “Block Exemption” changed allowing independent garages to carry out car services without making your warranty invalid. You don’t have to worry about voiding your warranty and we will guarantee the best servicing for your vehicle at an affordable price. Here at 3D Motors we only use genuine parts that are of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality standard. All service books are stamped on every service we do.

It is vital to ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly to increase your vehicles life expectancy. Servicing your vehicle regularly will enable you to identify and repair minor defects and prevent unforeseen fault in your vehicle in the future. Our qualified technicians can carry out a comprehensive range of vehicle services to suit all budgets. Whether you require a basic engine service to s more advanced major service, 3D Motors will ensure that we provide you with an affordable service for your vehicle.

Here at 3D Motors, our technicians have an extensive list of checks, so you can guarantee you will get same standard of servicing for your vehicle as you would from your main dealer. We aim to service your vehicle within the same day of receiving it, as long as the vehicle does not require additional major repairs.

We offer various services such as:

Minor Service - 6 Month Service

Intended for high mileage users and older cars that require checks more frequently, the service provides replacement of the engine oil and filter, along with a comprehensive list of checks on your vehicle.

Full Service - 12 Month Service

For problem-free motoring, we offer a complete twelve-monthly inspection for your vehicle. We go beyond most manufacturers’ service guise and will provide your vehicle with a high level check of all components in your vehicle.

Parts such as spark plugs, air filter elements, cabin filters, fuel filters, engine oil, oil filter and high spec lubricants are used and changed in every vehicle to ensure the prolong life of your vehicle.

Our Harrow Servicing Centre will diagnose any problems within your vehicle with our latest service equipment. We will also hang onto your old service parts and show you these when you come in to collect your vehicles, so you are fully informed in what has been done to your vehicle.

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