• Premium and Budget Brands fitted while u wait
  • Brand new Tyres from £35 fully fitted
  • Free Tyre Safety Check
  • Puncture Repair service
  • Laser Wheel Alignment from £35+VAT

Tyres In Harrow

Did you know that Tyres are one of the most important components of your car? In fact, they are the only components that are actually in contact with road every time we drive.

Here at 3D Motors Harrow, we supply & fit brand new Tyres for most makes of cars and light commercial vehicles. We stock leading brands such as Michelin, Continental, Goodyear and Pirelli, as well as vast range of budget tyres to suit all types of vehicles and budgets.

punture repairs

Loosing tyre pressure? Notice a nail in your tyres? Here at 3D Motors we can repair your punctures while u wait and we will also balance your wheel completely free of charge during the puncture repair process.

Free tyre check

Here at 3D Motors Harrow, we offer all of our customers a FREE TYRE SAFETY CHECK , while you wait without an appointment. Just Drive in and we will check your tyre essentials including:
TYRE PRESSURE – Incorrect tyre pressure can reduce your tyre life by up to 25% and also result in a reduction in your fuel efficiency.
TYRE THREADS – Having bold or worn tyres is not only dangerous, but can also result in massive fines and points on your diving license in the UK. The legal limit for tyre threads is 1.6mm, although here at 3D Motors we recommend that your tyres should be changed once the thread reaches about 3mm in depth.
TYRE CONDITION – As well as Tyre Pressure and Tyre Thread Depths we will also check the external condition of your tyres. Factors such as lumps or bulges as well as cracks in the sidewall of the tyres, are all contributing factors to dangerous unroadworthy tyres.

Wheel Alignment / Tracking

Unusual wear on your tyres include tyres wearing on the inner or outer edges could mean that your vehicles Wheel Alignment is incorrect and needs re-aligning. If you notice unusual tyre wear or if your vehicle pulls to one side whilst driving in a straight line, pop in to us here at 3D Motors where we have state of the art Laser Wheel Alignment equipment and can rectify your wheel alignments issues while you wait.

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